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“Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities” according Prof. Hans Mau. Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment: Recommendations for parents

Tomasz Karski* and Jacek Karski

Published: 10 March, 2020 | Volume 3 - Issue 1 | Pages: 021-023

In development of movement apparatus in small children, youth and – if not cured – in adults play the role two factors. First is connected with small disorders in brain – and in Pediatrics Orthopedic Departments we see very often children with the symptoms of Minimal Brain Dysfunctions [MBD]. The second is connected with asymmetries in anatomy and in function of movement apparatus in “Syndrome of Contracture and Deformities” described by Professor Hans Mau (Tübingen, Germany). These second problems are the subject of this paper

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Deformity in newborn; Babies; Hips; Feet; Spine


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